Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Legal Action To Dataran Mantin - Progress

While the legal action on Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda is still on progress, another project by Dataran Mantin , the Platinum Damansara condo in PJ, create nightmare to their buyers.

Not only the project is delayed beyond the S&P agreement, Dataran Mantin try to lure the buyers to waive their right to claim the loss of project delay.

Similar with BUTL, the Platinum Damansara also offer a Guarantee Return Scheme. However, Dataran Mantin seek to demolish the agreement with the excuses that the company do not have enough funding to continue the project.

For more detail, check here.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Time For Legal Action over due Within 1 Month!

There is a limitation for the law regulating housing development. It is a law that requires a person to institute action within six years from the date of the "cause of action" arising. Instituting action here means filing it in court.

"Cause of action" can be said to mean "legal right to sue". Such right must be exercised within six years otherwise it is completely lost.

In case of Bandar Universiti Teknologi Lagenda, this limit is going to arrive within 1 month.

For detail check this post.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dataran Mantin Owner Received honorary Doctorate from Troy University

This is certainly the latest great personal achievement for owner of Dataran Mantin and Lagenda Group of Colleges.

Institute Putra, sometimes called Putra International College, which is one of the many companies owned by Tang Chai Yoong, is the partnership of Troy University.

It’s not clear whether the Doctorate is honored to him as a recognization for Tang’s contribution to society or simply a souvenir to a business partner.

To know more, check Lagendagroup blog.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Comments To Lagenda Group Of Colleges

It's quit commons that people share their though on the net. Malaysian especially like to do in on online forums such as Cari.com, Putra.com, etc. It does not surprise me that it's not difficult to know more about Lagenda Group of Colleges just by searching the net.

However, if you like to know more without do your own search, here is the gather of many comments.

Check it out at Kolej Lagenda blog.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Big Boss Behide Dataran Mantin and Lagenda Group

First of all, know these two names : Tang Chai Yoong(丁才荣) (a.k.a Tang) & Ooi Chong Seong(a.k.a Raymond Ooi). They are both the founder of Kumpulan Langkawi Resource Group of company.

Dataran Mantin Sdn Bhd, the developer of Bandar Universiti Teknologi project, represent itself as belonging to Kumpulan Langkawi Resource group. Tang and Ooi are the directors of Dataran Mantin where Ooi act as the Chief Executive Officer.

To know more about them, read "Who is who in Dataran Mantin".

Kolej Lagenda Management Refuse To Settle The Outstanding Rental Payment To Owner - Officially

On average, Pantai Lagenda hold every owner’s rental for 12 to 15 months. Which come to they own about 8 thousand ringgit per person.
The letter from legal firm Louis K.H Wong & Co, Pantai Lagenda's representative on this matter, proposal to pay 50% of outstanding Sum as full and final settlement if the buyer accepts.

The legal firm even give such advise : " On a without prejudice basis, we hereby advise you that it is at your best interest to accept to our clients' proposal."

For detail read here.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Kolej Lagenda Management Poor Reputation

In Kolej Lagenda official site :

"A university education today means preparation for modern living, and Kolej Legenda is committed to its purpose of preparing students for personal and professional success in life with its modern facilities and diversities of study."

In real life, what other say regarding their experience with Kolej Lagenda , their education facilitator, their method to attract student, etc?

The developer of Bandar Universiti Teknolog Lagenda have come up with creative plans to woo investors with Guaranteed Return Scheme. Now, what is their method to attract student to their colleges?

Read more at Kolej Lagenda Blog.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is Pantai Lagenda Sdn Bhd, Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda a fraud?

The difination of Fraud
A deception intentionally practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.
(Satu penipuan yang dilakukan secara sengaja untuk mendapatkan keuntungan secara tidak adil)
Also know as : deception, scam, cheat or con.

In case of Pantai Lagenda Sdn Bhd, Bandar University Teknologi Lagenda, can it be categorized as a fraud?
This article " Why I said it's a fraud/scam" can help to decide.

Legal Action To Dataran Mantin

May people have decided to bring the matter to court.

Up to now, there is (at least) two kind of action taken toward Dataran Mantin :
1. Sue for Null and Void
2. Sue for Damages

For detail on legal action to Dataran Mantin, check this post.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Location of Kolej Lagenda Mantin Negeri Sembilan

The "official" description of Kolej Lagenda is as following :

"Legenda College is ideally located near Mantin town, Negeri Sembilan, at the crossroads between Kuala Lumpur in the north and Johore Bharu in the south.
The sprawling campus stretches an area of over 159 acres on the outskirts of Mantin town. It is only a short distance away from Kuala Lumpur."

Sunday, July 16, 2006

More to know about Dataran Mantin, Pantail Lagenda and Lagenda Group of Colleges.

When Pantai Lagenda delay the rental payment to apartment owners, owners start to curious whether the company is facing financial problem.
Or it just using the money for other project?

To know more about the company status and current project on hand, see "How successful this company is?".

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Guaranteed Rental Scheme guarantee nothing but heartache.

Dataran Mantin have come up with creative plans to woo investors with guaranteed rental returns (GRS) on Bandar Universiti Teknologi Lagenda.

They would agree to pay buyers rentals ranging from 8% to 12% per annum or aproportion of the purchase price for a certain length of time.

The inexperienced investors may not understand that the fine prints in the agreement letter are written in Dataran Mantin's favour. There is such a clause: “Provided always and it is hereby agreed between the contracting parties hereto that the Developer reserves its right to terminate the GRR agreement for any reason whatsoever"

To know more about the nature of this matter. Read National House Buyer Association article about Guarantee Return Scheme.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Photos Sharing About Current Status Kolej Lagenda

Some latest photo of Lagenda Group of College to share.
The campus' hardware sure looks good. But not many student know who actually paid for those facilities.

Check Kolej Lagenda blog for some photo.